Pete the Cat

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Pete the Cat


8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m.

Pete the Cat is so cool! With his catchy songs, silly stories, and positive thinking, he teaches us “to keep walking along and singing your song, because it’s all good.” This 4-day camp is sure to be a rockin’ good time exploring the art and story by James Dean and Eric Litwin!

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In each camp, students will:

  • Explore the week’s theme

  • Learn musical theater tools: body, voice & imagination

  • Listen, share & retell stories through word, props, music and play

  • Create crafts and props daily  

  • Learn and perform an original thematic song

  • Perform for family and friends on the camp’s last day

    Children will also receive a Daily Healthy Snack, Playcrafter Kids t-shirt or Book*, and Original Song Recording! Parents will have access to a private online portal to enjoy daily updates and photos :)

    *For those signed up for multiple camps, the child(ren) will receive a book in lieu of additional t-shirts.

Art Lab: 239 Linden Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524